FlowMaster LogoAnybody looking to add some performance to their vehicle will want their vehicle to sound  as well.  We are a full custom exhaust center whether you are looking for a Bolt-on kit or if you want us to custom bend all the piping in-house.  We work on both gas and diesel motors and can change out as little or as much as you want.  If you are looking for a quick change we can weld on new tips or modify the sound of your vehicle with a simple muffler swap.  Our most popular exhaust jobs are Cat-Back systems with the majority being custom bent.  Our custom bent systems include your choice of mufflers, all the pipes bent in aluminized or stainless steel pipe, and your choice of stainless tips.  Our two house brands are Flowmaster and Magnaflow and we can install both single and dual exhausts.

mflogoWe also install bolt-on kits that are Axle-backs and Cat-backs from any major brand on the market.  We can handle any size exhaust 1 ¾” stock import vehicles to 5” and 6” diesel exhaust kits.  We do more than the back half of exhaust systems as well.  We install short and long tube Headers, High Flow Catalytic Convertors, truck stacks and full stainless steel exhausts.  We carry Flowmaster, Magnaflow, Banks, MBRP, Pacesetter, Borla, Corsa, Cherry Bomb and more.  We also are capable of doing exhaust repairs and diagnosing emissions problems.  Feel free to stop by or call one of our sales associates who can help you pick out the right sound and looks